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The Face to Face Hub is a network of working-groups, or ‘Hubs’ that collaborate to share experience, produce guidance and develop common policy proposals.

Our aim is to raise the standards of face to face fundraising in the UK, to provide sustainability & longevity to the channel by providing the public with excellent experiences.

We will do this by providing free, impartial guidance on a variety of topics relating to face to face fundraising.

The Online Central Hub is a gateway to the individual Hub groups, each of which is coordinated by a nominated Hub Champion. Hubs will meet regularly, either in person or virtually with details and resources will be made available through the online Hub Channels.

In order to access the Online Hubs you will need to become a member of the network. Joining is easy and available to anyone working in face to face fundraising (please note some Hubs have additional requirements).

If you would like to join a Hub please contact the Hub Champion, details of which can be found here.

Resources published by the Hubs can also be found in the Resource Centre, which is available to non-members.

More information can be found in the Welcome Hub or FAQs Page in the Resource Centre

For more information email

*The site administration does not endorse or accept responsibility for any content provided by members. 

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